Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Working with one of the top videographers in the world

I don't want to even say much about Daniel Boswell of DV Artistry before I have you check out a wedding he video taped for one of our clients Jennifer Mae Fletke and Chris Watters(who is an amazing and wonderful couple. They are a couple you would love to be friends with.), on April 4th 2009, I must say, No wonder Jennifer and Chris HAD TO HAVE HIM!! Event DV Magazine calls him one of the top 25 videographers IN THE WORLD. He is also know for his same day editing. You get to surprise your guest with a recap video of what was filmed. Your guests get a glimpse and review of the wedding that was taken place only hours earlier. Unbelievable.

Friends and family each grabs a chair and gathers around dance floor area. They sit in suspense as cake is being passed around. They are thinking they are about to see a typical ,photo slide show, or maybe a homemade video montage. Daniel looks at his team giving the sign to start the video. This is what they saw.....

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bride said...

Hi, im so glad to see that your are posting more often! Your work is gorgeous and so is the video.Keep up the great work!