Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Charlies premiere party!

Me, getting special treatment right before the party starts. :)

This whole event was just fun! We partied with so many great people. Mari Villamor and her talented staff, are amazing!! I really dont have much to say. I think the photos speak for themselves. If you want to know how great it was, make sure to join us next time. Info about Charlies is on the blog below. :)

Its a beautiful day!!!

A beautiful event in a beautiful location. The South Coast Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes is an great place to have a outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. You have these beautiful garden backdrops. But you must know that you do need to make sure you have enough lighting. The facility does not provide much of it. With this being said, we can do it for you.
This event we did the lighting, lanterns, and pin spots.
floral by J'Adore Florist

Absolut National Campaign party

When we got a call for Robin Brogan of Di Fiore in Dallas. I was quite surprised. For one, we had never met but are long time myspace friends. So it was great to finally put a voice with the name. Robin is a floral designer in Dallas TX. and is amazing as what she does. We tend to pop up on eachothers myspace profile to see what is new with each other. So for those of you who are getting married in Dallas, I highly recommend Di Fiori. Robin was doing the event for Absolut in Dallas and was asked if she could recommend someone as fabulous as her (awwwww),to take care of the event in Los Angeles. The rest is history. We had a fun setting up for the event in Pier 59 Santa Monica. I love this place. Its literally a open canvas for designers. Here are a few photos of the event.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A new place for men to get pampered

When we first stepped into Charlies we knew right away that this was going to be the new big thing for men in LA. This place is a great mini half hour getaway. Not only are you getting a hair cut, but your in the hands of professional stylist. Which makes me feel, like I might be stepping out of the salon looking like Brad Pitt. I too can dream. When I walked in, I was greeted by Mari Villamor(owner of Charlies) and her amazing staff. I had met Mari at one of my events (collaborated with Jamah) on September 30, 09 in Beverly Hills. Mari told me she had this hair and spa for men, that had comfortable seating, plasma televisions, a bar. I was, like, wait, did you say a bar?!? I had to go. So Nancy and I did. Lets just say, this is my new place to get my hair cut. For only $25.00, you get complete shampoo and massage, which is unheard of on Robertson St. My head felt and smelled minty. Nice! Plus, I was offered a nice cold beer. I had a choice of about 8 different beers. I was in heaven.

Mari has asked us to help design her location for a grand opening party in two weeks. Its going to be quit a party. And because I really want my friends, family and clients to check this place out, I too want to extend this invite to all of you, so that you can take a peek of this great place for men.

Mari Villamor and I. Oh, thanks for the minty shampoo and conditioner Mari. :)

Neighborhood: West Los Angeles
1012 S Robertson Blvd
Ste A
Los Angeles, CA 90035

(310) 432-0077


Thursday, October 8, 2009


decor and rentals: FLOWERSONMARS
photography: Manalo Empire Photography