Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ive got the blues..

One of my favorite colors, blue. Blue is a great color for late Spring and early summer. Its a color I also like to use in the winter (with hints of silver) But as far as summer, these colors to me look best outdoors with the surroundings of natures greenery. Hints of blue on white is simple, clean and very beautiful. Theres no need to over use the color. Sometimes brides think the primary must be on everything, linens, flowers, napkins, candles, eyeshadow, LOL!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Diana and Shawn 05-02-09

Amazing and breathtaking images!!! Wow. These have to be some of the best wedding images I have seen. Thanks to the photographers of APERTURA. No wonder they were named one of the top ten photographers, American photo MagazineThanks for sharing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video trailer of Gian and Rands wedding by Major Diamond Production

The Wedding Trailer of Gian and Rand from major diamond on Vimeo.

I'm super excited to see the finished product of this video. We loved working with Gian and Rand. Both are so full of energy and life, and we are sooo happy to have met them. Major Diamond production shot this wedding, and I'm so glad they did. They are not only amazing, but they truly have a talent. Please visit their website. They are one of our prefer videographers.

Photos of Sarah Kahns wedding

This is a wedding we did last winter for one of our clients Sarah Kahn. This client was given to us by coordinator Ghanaughn Brown, from Adam and Eve events. We had such a great time planning this event, especially because we had such a great and fun team. From the time we started the planning from the time it took place just seem to fly. Decor provided my us, FOM, lighting by us, FOM. Floral by us FOM.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meet our newest member.

New to the FOM family we are pleased to welcome coordinator Wenda Evans owner of More than Just Weddings…by Wenda. We have negotiated a contract with Wenda to help assist our brides because we feel it is a necessity for all couples to have a professional and experienced coordinator available on their wedding day. A coordinator is not a “luxury” but a “necessity” and having one available makes the planning process and the day of your wedding run a lot smoother which means an enjoyable day for the couple and all who are attending the wedding. We have worked numerous weddings with Wenda and are very confident that she is the right coordinator to assist FOM’s clients