Friday, August 29, 2008

Wedding Dance

This is by far one of the best wedding dances I have come across on You Tube. I think I like it because they chose a great song that was very appropriate, and everyone was joining in on the fun and having a great time watching this nice treat given by the bride and groom. Now would I ever do a dance like this? I doubt it, now the only reason is because my husband would not be able to lift me off the ground like that, and seriously now, you know everyone will be expecting that grand finally. :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008



These orchid floral pieces are just beautiful!!! If you are not a "floral person" which many brides are not. This is a beautiful idea to use as a centerpiece. Its clean, simple, modern and still has plenty of elegance. Plus you have these amazing floating candles to add a beautiful detail. There is not much more to say about this, just loving it!!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My favorite photo of the summer

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Brad and Grace May 24Th, 08 Santa Barbara, Ca.

I just love it when photogrpahers capture such a memorable moment. Its a real shot of true love and the excitement of becoming one. Great job Devon. Graces bridal bouquet by FOM. :)

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Testimonials/ What our brides had to say about FOM

Nancy & Mars

Thank you so much for everything you've done to make our day run smoothly and for making it fun and beautiful. I'm so happy you pulled out name!

Thank you!

Megan & Jon June 7, 08 Malibou Lake Ca.
(contest winners, from bridal show)


Thank you again for making everything beautiful!!!!!!

Sylvia and Ala, July 27, 08 Pomona Ca.

Hi Nancy and Mars!

How are you? I have thought about you for months, because it has always been in the back of my mind to send you a thank you note. I will send you the link from our site, and you can pick the photos you would like to use. There are plenty of your beautiful work.
Say hello to Mars for me too. Thanks!

All best wishes

Andrea and Glen, Dec 31, 07 Los Angeles Ca. (Featured couple on hit TV show Platinum Weddings)airing in 08

Nancy, Mars and team

Thank you for the rose pedals you saved for me. That's very considerate of you. We are very happy for the good job you guys did at our wedding.

Thank you very much

Grace and Brad, May 24,08 Santa Barbara Ca.

Dearest Nancy and Mars,

I wanted to let you know that we are back from our honeymoon and that everything went great. We got so many rave reviews about the flowers, the music everything. We are both so grateful to you both for putting on a great event, and making our day so memorable.

We would love to see you guys and show you our pictures, video, etc. The church looked incredible, and everything was just perfect. Like I mentioned to you before, please let me know if there is anything we could do for you as far as testimonials, wedding shows—anything. I am definitely here for anything that you need.

Have a wonderful evening, and please keep in touch!

Love, Jeannette & Scott 4/26/08 Los Angeles, Ca.

Dear Nancy,

Thanks to Nancy, I had the most beautiful flowers at an affordable price. I had no idea what my the bouquets were going to look like going into the meeting, and the results were magnificient. The flowers were fresh and lasted the whole day and beyond. Nancy's creations were works of art which I wish I could have kept forever.

Cameron & Rochael Williams May 12, 07 Los Angeles, Ca.

Mars & Nancy

Thank you so much for helping me create my "dream" wedding. It turned out to be more beautiful than I imagined thanks to you. The flowers were exceptional and the entertainment made the night go by so fast. I love you guys!

Cindy & Matt Kingsland 2/17/08 Long Beach Ca.


I just wanted to say thank you sooooooooo much for everything. The flowers looked amazing! I loved my bouquet and the centerpieces were amazing. I can't thank you enough.

Santiago :) August 18, 08 Long Beach Ca.

Pin spot lighting


These pinspot lights are perfect for centerpieces. If you are going to use these, we recomend you turn the lights out. Add LED up lights around the walls to illuminate the walls for a nice color wash. Elegant lighting is eveything if you want to enhance the reception area.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

colors that compliment orange, Nancys picks

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Rule of thumb, always add at least a secondary color to your floral decor, unless of course you go with the classic all white or ivory look. Then that's totally OK. Even traditional all red bouquets should at least have two different shades of red (like the classy rose, black magic, black Bacarra, Charlene or Charlotte rose... to name a few)for a little contrast, especially for photo purposes. But for now, lets talk about the color orange. This is a very big and popular color this summer, and will last until the beginning of Winter. For summer, I like to see orange with fuscias, yellows, and greens. Fall weddings, I love to add more of a Merlot red type of flower, like burgundy Dahlias, black magic roses and burgundy mini calalilies. I also love to incorporate peach the and vandela, and/or pale pink roses. Another amazing rose that goes great with orange roses, is Leonida. One of my favorite roses to use with orange. Heck..incorporate them all together in your floral, to give it that warm and complete look, perfect for fall.( as shown in the picture below) Of course if you are set on only using orange flowers, try to use at least 3 different shades of orange roses or 3 different types of orange flowers. If you do this, you will see a difference in the centerpiece and appreciate the piece more, and not just see orange, trust me.  

When using orange flowers, I like to add a secondary color for the rest of the decor, to enhance the orange. Personally I'm not to crazy about orange on everything. I like to add really bright colors like, yellows, fuscias, lime greens, and Tiffany blue. For the fall, I like, chocolate, golds, champagne, peaches, deep reds, and sage greens.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Centerpiece of the summer

Everyone seems to love this classic, simple, clean centerpiece. Its a two piece which can be detached from the top (so that your guests may take the flowers home, without having to carry the vase.) The vase is rented out, and that is why this beautiful piece can be yours for only$65.00ea. The piece has white hydrangeas with two different color roses. Three of my brides this year went with the light, peaches, pinks and ivory roses. You may choose to have curly willow or white dendro orchids inside the water filled vase. If you are interested in ordering the centerpiece with the vase, The centerpiece is roughly around $110.00.
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I love Peonies!!

Peonies are awesome!! I just love them. Peonies can be a bit costly, especially if you plan to incorporate them all throughout your floral decor. If you are on a tight budget and cant afford to do so, think about only using them for your bridal bouquet and cake. Think about when you look back at your wedding pics. Those are the areas where you will get the close ups, and your peonies will stand out beautifully. For more ideas, log onto Its a great site I encourage my bride to browse through to get great ideas for floral. If you would like a quote on flowers, email me at
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Los Angeles September Wedding Planning Boot Camp.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Los Angeles September Wedding Planning Boot Camp
Hello Brides and Grooms to Be,
We look forward to meeting you and helping you with the oh so fun, and overwhelming, wedding planning process. Adam and Eve Wedding Consultants has more that 25 years of wedding planning experience. Some important things to know about us: We love people, we love pretty things, and we love weddings! That is why we are offering this Wedding Planning Boot Camp, to whip you Brides and Grooms in wedding planning shape...gently of course.
Our September meet-up is entitled OMG I'm Getting Married!
We will focus on:
How to Spread the News to Your Family: Formal engagement announcements, What to do about those that may not be so happy about the news?, and Your engagement party.
Your Wedding Budget: Who pays for what?, What to splurge on what to scrimp on, How much should you spend for what.
Choosing your wedding date and venue: What are money saving months, wedding date strategies, which dates to avoid, what to look for in a venue.
Our featured vendors will be our beautiful venue, the City Hill Club, which sits 54 floors in the sky and has the most amazing views from every room...{even the bathroom}, and Flowers on Mars, whose work has been featured on the WE television series Platinum Weddings.
Each attendee will receive a Wedding Planning Boot Camp binder and informational inserts for each of our wedding planning topics.
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
7:00pm-8:30pm333 South Grand Ave
54th Floor Wells Fargo Center
Los Angeles, CA 90071RSVP for this event through
***Please Note: Business Attire: Suit/Coat/Tie/ for men. No tennis shoes, jeans or sandals****** Parking: Enter parking lot on 330 So. Hope Street. Entrance to building is 330 so. Grand Street With City Club validation parking is $7.70.
Admission Fee: $10.00Parking Fee: $7.70
Event hosted by Adam and Eve Wedding Consultants

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Working with Jenna Hipp

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Here I am with Jenna at her home in West Los Angeles, the morning of her big day. Jenna is such a sweetheart, and I loved that I made her bridal bouquet. Her bouquet was a nosegay style of black magic roses tied in a black and white ribbon detailed in swarovski crystals. Jenna is a celebrity manicurist and has a great website you should visit.

DJ Mars Resendiz

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that we have a few Fridays and Sundays available for September. We are charging a flat rate for Fridays and Sundays of $800.00. We are also throwing a few LED uplights and pinspot lights for your centerpieces for an additional $300.00. Email me at to see how much lighting we are renting out for the $300.00 package. I look forward to hearing from you soon. All your emails will be answered by me and only me

Vegas Weddings Baby!

We are more than happy to go out to Vegas for your event. If you are from Los Angeles, or any city close to our LAX based office, we can plan your event out here. If you are from Vegas, all planning is via email,and/or phone calls. We would take the trip to Vegas two days before your event to meet you and view the location. Most of the hotels in Vegas we are already familiar with.
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photo of my brother and sister in law who married in Vegas 2005. Floral bouquet and boutonniere designed by me. A Black magic, vintage style nosegay bouquet,tied in black organza.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Using canopies are great for home events

This event happens to be my parents 35th wedding anniversary dinner party. It was a very intimate event we held ant my sisters home in Los Angeles. We decided to tarp the back yard and have the dinner inside the canopy. We had uplights later in the evening to enhance the decor. We had such a great time, and everyone was loving the decor.

Another great detail was giving each guest table numbers/names. Each guest table were named after different flowers. My parents head table was named Flores, which is our last name and means flowers in Spanish. It was a perfect personalized detail.