Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Centerpiece of the summer

Everyone seems to love this classic, simple, clean centerpiece. Its a two piece which can be detached from the top (so that your guests may take the flowers home, without having to carry the vase.) The vase is rented out, and that is why this beautiful piece can be yours for only$65.00ea. The piece has white hydrangeas with two different color roses. Three of my brides this year went with the light, peaches, pinks and ivory roses. You may choose to have curly willow or white dendro orchids inside the water filled vase. If you are interested in ordering the centerpiece with the vase, The centerpiece is roughly around $110.00.
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Here are a few centerpieces we did for our brides. The first photo is the inspired look. Funny, both of my brides both send me the same photo. Our first bride Gaby, wanted more of the soft pale hughes of pinks and peaches. We incorporated dendo orchids in the vase. Her primary color was champaign, and I think the colors Gaby choose just enhanced the champaign. Good job Gaby!
Our Second bride was set on pink. Her heart was set on using the pinks for her crystal theme wedding. I love the fact that we did not over due it on the pinks, it was just enough to enhance the centerpiece. One this piece we went with the curly willow. Just breathtaking!!!