Friday, August 22, 2008

colors that compliment orange, Nancys picks

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Rule of thumb, always add at least a secondary color to your floral decor, unless of course you go with the classic all white or ivory look. Then that's totally OK. Even traditional all red bouquets should at least have two different shades of red (like the classy rose, black magic, black Bacarra, Charlene or Charlotte rose... to name a few)for a little contrast, especially for photo purposes. But for now, lets talk about the color orange. This is a very big and popular color this summer, and will last until the beginning of Winter. For summer, I like to see orange with fuscias, yellows, and greens. Fall weddings, I love to add more of a Merlot red type of flower, like burgundy Dahlias, black magic roses and burgundy mini calalilies. I also love to incorporate peach the and vandela, and/or pale pink roses. Another amazing rose that goes great with orange roses, is Leonida. One of my favorite roses to use with orange. Heck..incorporate them all together in your floral, to give it that warm and complete look, perfect for fall.( as shown in the picture below) Of course if you are set on only using orange flowers, try to use at least 3 different shades of orange roses or 3 different types of orange flowers. If you do this, you will see a difference in the centerpiece and appreciate the piece more, and not just see orange, trust me.  

When using orange flowers, I like to add a secondary color for the rest of the decor, to enhance the orange. Personally I'm not to crazy about orange on everything. I like to add really bright colors like, yellows, fuscias, lime greens, and Tiffany blue. For the fall, I like, chocolate, golds, champagne, peaches, deep reds, and sage greens.

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