Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Custom decor

Add some crystals to your decor. Just a touch of elegance can add a whole lot to your decor. These crystal backdrops start at $200.00 and up.

These beautifully draped pillars were designed by Mars himself. They are elegantly draped by soft chiffon fabric and gathered at the top for a nice decorative finish. These elegant and stylish pillars are one of a kind. I made Amy (bride) these beautiful centerpieces of white hydrangeas, white cymbidium orchids, and dendrobium orchids, just to add more glamour to the event. I could have gotton away with a vase and manzanita branches or curly willow and it still would have looked breath taking. These pillars are available in many colors, and start at $25.00 a pillar.

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