Sunday, November 15, 2009

Working with Beatrice

This wedding took place at the Embassy Suites in LAX. The bride Beatrice Rustrian is a event coordinator and designer. She designed this event and hired us to put it together. When I say she designed it, she actually did alot of the physical work. Her fiance put the manzanita branches together, with the crystals. He polished them to make them look amazing. I was hired to put the fresh flowers on them. I really liked working with Beatrice. She has amazing taste and great ideas. I have only known Beatrice for a short amount of time. When she called me to introduce herself and give me my first assignment, it was for HER wedding. So of course I was excited! I am really glad to have meet her, worked with her, and continue a relationship with her and her future clients. :)

Draping and lighting by Mars

Beatrice walking down the aisle with dad. She looked amazing.

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Beth said...

You have posted awesome picture on your blog. The last picture of flower looks great. Keep on sharing some more pictures like this.