Saturday, June 6, 2009

Attention brides who need and want lighting at their reception.

OK, here we go again. The first lighting package was a huge success!! We booked some events with it. But now that its expired, we decided to make a new one. Not exactly the same as the other one, but very similar. Please take advantage of this one. There is a expiration date on this one. We are giving everyone till August 1st to book this package. This package is good for 09 weddings as well as 2010 weddings. Just so you know, we have brides still trying to book our last package which ended weeks ago. But I promise you, whatever package we have going on, is always well worth it!

If this package is paid in full, we are throwing in the lovely, elegant crystal backdrop. (perfect for your cake area or sweetheart table area, with additional uplights. :)

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