Friday, March 27, 2009

Chandelier for Spring

Here is one of my favorite pieces I like to make. The all white clean floral chandlier made of white hydrangeas, white dendrobium orchids and Vandela roses. This piece is rented out for about $200.00. You can have the chandelier and flowers in any color. For example, I will be doing a chandelier in hot pink, with all hot pink flowers for a wedding this May. Im super excited about that one. :)

This chandelier was made for my sisters outdoor babyshower. I will try and post some photos soon. I just really wanted to get this photo up because we have several brides asking about this piece. :)


Anonymous said...

Marvelous Chandelier! Can you tell me where i can buy this?
I Buy Lights

It's A Jaime Thing said... pretty!!! I love chandeliers. There used to be this light store I'd go to just to visit and walk through to see all the amazing chandeliers hanging from the ceiling...of course, they were always way way way out of my price range, and some were um, interesting to say the least, lol, but most of them just had that "wow" factor & I'd stare at it like cards in a Hallmark The strange things I used to do for cheap Now, I visit shoe stores like they're an art gallery...ha! ;)

This piece definitely has that "wow" factor - beautiful!


This piece was a simple chandelier I have had for a while, and I just dress is up with fresh flowers. :) The simple the chandelier, the better. It will give you the freedom to create somehting beautiful. :)